Poem : I am an atom!

I am an atom!
If you want to look in that sky!
From that wind!
This mud!
This water!
I am a molecule human of this universe!

I am the light of the sun!
I am an infinite part of Aura souls !
And I want to play a life of from that bottoms up galaxy!
With the radiant rays, these radiations of my sorrow who are destroyed by
Where destroyed the miserable catastrophes of this world!
And I can take it!
These are my endless pursuits in the lava of the sun!
Remember that this molecule is the part of the universe above!

Molecule; I’m awkward!
A part of the ice flowing from the glacier!
That I am the shock of that rainbow!
Oh ! My universe come and
Paint them on top of their colors!
Who erased the pain of every colorless world !
Hunt,hate,misery, suffering!
Oh! My sound , come and spread of the parts of light and
do not break into those molecular streaks!

Molecule, I’m a jerk!
I warm myself, melt –
Live without fear!
Live fearlessly!
This is the bottomless rock of the earth, melting the sea!
In the vapors, melting the soft heart of the mountains!
Why don’t even the hearts of diamonds melt!
That even the sweat and smells of this gentle body!
Why don’t you remind me!
Instead, bite into this drop of blood!
A green oasis of in the Desert!
Plant, green!
I’m a molecule!
Thousands were born to connect his own air!
Remains of edges to connect from that borderline to the borderline! !
Worldly darkness to excavate!
Fearless journey to fulfill!
That with the benefits of the sun!
That I become a molecule !!
I’m a atom !