Cinema vs. Drama: Acting Contrasts

The last day of the 11th edition of the Nepal Literature Festival featured a session entitled Abhinaya Ko Farak Andaj, which means different ways of acting, where discussion on different aspects of acting took place.

The session moderated by poet and journalist Suraj Subedi had actors Anup Baral and Shristi Shrestha as the speakers.

During the session, Anup Baral recalls the time when he lied to his parents to watch the cinema; he considered it his first acting experience.

Similarly, Shristi Shrestha also recalls the time, when he secretly used to watch films from her parents. She also considers such moments as her first experience of acting.

However, actor Baral says there is a huge difference between such kinds of acting from acting in film and theatre. Similarly, he also says that there are also many differences between acting in film and play.

“Along with the medium, the style of acting also changes,” says Baral.

During the discussion, speakers also discussed why the actors and directors should have a good relationship with each other while shooting.

“To make a good film there must be a healthy relationship between the actor and director,” says Baral. “If a director gives creative space to explore themselves during the shoot, an unexpected beautiful thing can happen.”

Shrestha says to be a better actor, one should know their surroundings well.

“Actors should be literate about the things that are happening around them, only then they can feel connected to the characters and situations,” says Shrestha.