“Universities’ Challenges Extend Beyond VCs”

The selection process for the vice-chancellor of Tribhuvan University is ongoing. TU is plagued by problems such as political instability, delayed results, and lack of transparency. Similar issues are prevalent in other universities across the country. Debate has arisen regarding whether the VC should have political affiliations. The 11th edition of the Nepal Literature Festival held a session about problems faced by Nepal’s universities. Kusum Shakya, Department Head of Economics,… पुरा पढौ

Cinema vs. Drama: Acting Contrasts

The last day of the 11th edition of the Nepal Literature Festival featured a session entitled Abhinaya Ko Farak Andaj, which means different ways of acting, where discussion on different aspects of acting took place. The session moderated by poet and journalist Suraj Subedi had actors Anup Baral and Shristi Shrestha as the speakers. During the session, Anup Baral recalls the time when he lied to his parents to watch… पुरा पढौ

How long will it take to rebuild Tal Barahi temple?

Nov. 30: Almost every person who comes to Pokhara visits the Tal Barahi Temple in the Phewa Lake. And every person who visits the temple asks when it will be constructed.  The 2015 earthquake damaged the temple and tilted it three inches to the south. Thus, stakeholders decided to demolish it and rebuild it from the ground up.  Accordingly, the old temple was torn down in April this year and, under… पुरा पढौ

Riverside Home: Always worrisome

After the unexpected flood in Kagbeni, the unease lasted throughout the day for Usha Nepali. She couldn't sleep well even at night due to the constant sound of runningwater. Phirke, a stream is flowing just beside her home which is erected at the area of natural flow of water.  The area is locally known as "Kholaghar." Usha had been living in this place for a decade. In some places, individual… पुरा पढौ

Price Up

Kathmandu, Aug 15     The price of petrol and diesel has increased.      A meeting of the Board of Directors of the Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) on Tuesday has adjusted the price with a rise by Rs 14 in diesel and Rs 5 in petrol per liter.      With the hike, costumer price of each liter of petrol will be Rs 175 while diesel and kerosene per liter will… पुरा पढौ

Why Are Birds Important?

Birds help in many ways. Let us discuss how do birds help the environment in detail. Bird Droppings Are Useful for Plant GrowthThe correct term for bird droppings is “guano”. For most people, bird droppings are a form of nuisance. For some, it’s a sign from the universe that something wonderful is about to happen! The truth is that something wonderful does happen, but not in the way one might… पुरा पढौ

Poem: Incomplete human civilization

By breaking all the chains of bondageSpreading the wings of freedomFlying free of skyscrapersWOMEN WANT ITHey ladies listen to thisBy covering the veil of traditionsOn all the agesYour wings have been cut offAndHas been madeA circle around youTears of pain are tied to drinkingLike an innocent cow on a knotReligion of KarmaWrapped in the chains system of rustThe vision has also been creating illusionThis world andMaking you a puppet Ash… पुरा पढौ

Poem : I am an atom!

I am an atom!If you want to look in that sky!From that wind!This mud!This water!I am a molecule human of this universe! I am the light of the sun!I am an infinite part of Aura souls !And I want to play a life of from that bottoms up galaxy!With the radiant rays, these radiations of my sorrow who are destroyed byWhere destroyed the miserable catastrophes of this world!And I can… पुरा पढौ

Poem : Women !

A women like you,A women like me, She’s never stop -To fight !To light this world !She never stopped to admired theColours ! Her bravery !Her Acceptance!Her Rejection! To being the daughter !To being the mother !To being the wife !To her children! Never stopped toWithhold !Fromyesterday , till today now , until until tomorrow! Nevertheless!She fought a first !to the end !Bring all happinessblessings !For this world!Without holding her… पुरा पढौ

Nepal Medicity NABH certified

A private hospital in Nepal has been assessed and found to comply with National Accreditation Board for Hospitality and Health Care Providers(NABH). The CEO of NABH, Dr. Harish Nadkarni handed over the certificate to the Chairman Dr. Upendra Mahato and Managing Director of Nepal Mediciti, Dr. Samata Prashad in the presence of PM KP Sharma Oli, Brahmagyani Bal Guru Aditya and other dignitaries.  Nepal Mediciti to commemorate the handover ceremony… पुरा पढौ

हाम्रो बारेमा
नेपालदुत पाठकसम्म समाचार, सूचना, विचार र मनोरञ्जन पुर्याउने डिजिटल दुत हो । यो समाचार पोर्टलले विचार, विश्लेषणमा सिमित नरही खोजी पत्रकारितालाई पनि बढाबा दिने लक्ष्य राखेको छ । विकास, निर्माण, समाज परिवर्तनका लागि भएका सकारात्मक पक्षहरु उजागर गर्दै सत्य, तथ्य र निष्पक्ष समाचार सम्प्रेषण गर्न हामी प्रतिवद्ध छौं…
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